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About Us

We started our store to share with you the collection of incredible brands and items that we have been so lucky to find...

For those of you who don’t know us, this is is us, Glenda and Belinda, mother and daughter first and foremost but also business partners and owners of the little boutique Babylon, Jervis Bay. Glenda and I have always loved sourcing small owner operated brands and products. This has been our passion, even back when we had our deli/cafe, we would go on trips together and explore markets and small stores in beautiful little towns to find something you don’t find everywhere. We even used to rendezvous with producers half way to get products where there was no transport options.

We now sell online but we are still a local boutique that handles every item you receive.

Although some of the gorgeous brands we now stock in our boutique are well known and respected we thought you might like to know that SO many of these are owner operated small business just like us! Well most are bigger than us, which wouldn’t be hard. But honestly so many are hands on running their business, developing beautiful products, wearing every hat, day in day out, just like Glenda and I. Glenda and I are so thankful to have the support of our fabulous community so we too can support these small businesses 🙏.

Thank you for shopping at our store. 

~ Belinda & Glenda Bunter.